Thursday, May 10, 2007

Feed the Search Engines! Content...Content...Content

By Tracy Fredrychowski

Just as our bodies need food to fuel us everyday your website needs fuel to feed the search engines for placement and inclusion.

There are many different factors to consider when trying to optimize your website, but one of the easiest and most successful ways is to feed the search engine with content.
The engines thrive on seeing that you are adding new content to your website very often. As a webmaster, I have seen the results of many of my customers' sites climbing to the top by adding good industry related content to their site. You may feel you neither have the time or the content to add to your site but in today's competitive web world how you can not justify taking the time or creating content. There are many different ways to add content to your site that may take as little as 10 or 15 minutes a week to do so.

Here are a few ideas, and if you can apply one or all of these to your site you will be feeding the hunger the search engines are craving for ...Good Quality Content:
Industry Related Articles - There is no better way to earn creditability with your customers then writing articles about your industry. Your article does not have to be long it just has to give good quality information about your industry. Once you write an article, not only do you want to upload it to your website but you need to submit it to one of the many article submission websites. Don't forget to add your name and URL to the bottom of every article you submit to build your link popularity.

Products Reviews - This is one of the easiest things to add to your website. No one knows your products like you do. Give your visitors a complete detail of how to use, what to do or how your specific product or service can help them.
Blogs- Blogs can greatly increase your visibly but they have to be created and used properly. Blogs do require a commitment from you but remember this; the search engines just love them. Your blog needs to have a specific reason, a draw for your visitors, a reason that they would bookmark it and come back and read it time and time again. Whatever you decide to blog about it needs to be updated on a daily or every other day to make it work for you.
Customer Testimonials - What a great way to show your potential clients the confidence your past customers have in your products or services. Ask all your clients to provide you a short testimonial. It is an easy way to add current content to you site often.
Industry Tips & Ideas - You are the true expert in your industry and your customers want to hear what you have to say. Everyone likes to get something for free, so share a bit of your knowledge with them by providing free tips and ideas on how to better use your products or services.
Newsletters - E-Newsletters are a great way to keep your name in front of your customers, but what many website owners fail to do is to add those newsletters to their websites. With the over abundance of junk email we get many people opt out to receive e-newsletters on a regular basis. In this case it would benefit you by adding those weekly or monthly newsletters to your site so they can be read there.

A couple things to remember when adding new content (pages) to your site:
Don't forget to make your title tags captivating.
Keep your keywords toward the front of your title, description and keyword tags. (Even though very few search engines take into account the description or keyword tags anymore it is always best to still add them.)
If writing an article take one of your keyword phrases and write a specific article about that, keeping in mind keyword density.
Which ever of the above ideas you choose to use keep in mind your target market and create your new pages with it in mind... Remember industry related content!
Don't forget to update your site map with your new pages.
Update your Yahoo urllist.txt and your sitemap.xml file with Google as well.
Lastly...add a new page to your site every week better yet every day!

Author - Tracy Fredrychowski - SEO Instructor Search Engine Academy of SC Learn the latest principles and strategies of search engine optimization and become a Certified SEO Professional. The Search Engine Academy of SC holds SEO workshops in Greenville, Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina.
Professional SEO Instructor with the Searh Engine Academy of SC
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Chris Guerrette is an account manager for ImageWorks, LLC in Vernon, CT. ImageWorks, LLC has been an established company for 10 years and can accommodate your business website needs in many ways. Please visit our portfolio on our website.

We have done work for Fortune 500 companies such as UPS, Merrill Lynch, and Yahoo. Chris has been working in the Internet Publishing Field for over 10 years. If you have any web design, web development, hosting, or intermnet marketing needs including design and marketing along with blog writing services, we can help. Contact Chris at

Monday, May 7, 2007

Who do you trust with your internet business??

Who do you trust with your internet business?

Having a work at home business, or your successful business that you have had for 20 years going to the next level with a website, who do you trust? As you decide that you want to venture into a website for your business, making the decision of who will take care of you for all of your website needs is VERY important, probably the most important.

There are a multitude of companies and freelancers that can build you a website. There are many items that you will need to know and watch as you choose the company for your new or established business.

1) Experience and Portfolio - As you are looking for a web design company to put together your website, what is the most important as information to assist you in your buying decision is the portfolio and experience that the company has. A lot of new business that the company ImageWorks, LLC out of Vernon, CT gets as clients are redesign or businesses that want a new host and takeover for service on the website. The internet is an open market for everyone who conducts business on the internet, and having the right company running your website is very important. There are scenarios of websites malfunctioning, websites not looking right to attract the customer, or the hosting just not working right and handling the increase in traffic.
2) Customer Service- Make sure that when you decide to choose a website design company, that you are going to be able to reach the people in charge of your website at any time, or if you happen to leave a message that they call you right back and correct or fix any problems that may arise. Many website design companies create problems for themselves and they then escalate to bigger problems when they do not answer their customer needs right away. If a website design company works only through email, stay away!
3) Services offered - when choosing the website design company, be sure that they are well rounded in their knowledge if design and SEO. Here is an example. Let us say you buy a car, and the first time you go to the dealer to get it repaired, they tell you that they cannot do that type of repair. They are a limited service garage, and that the car owner would have to go across town and get it repaired there because they have the right tools. Same thing with your website design company. Choosing the right company to handle every kind of design, hosting and search engine optimization will give you true success on the net and save you a lot of money in the end.
4) Reputation- When choosing your website design company, before you decide who to hire, be sure that the website design company has a good reputation and that you can contact their portfolio. If the website design company objects to you calling any of their customers, then maybe they are hiding information about their reputation.

Protect yourself when hiring a website design company for your business. In the end, this can make or break you as you as you venture into the online world for your business.

Chris Guerrette is an account manager for ImageWorks, LLC in Vernon, CT. ImageWorks has been a company for 10 years. ImageWorks can accommodate your business web needs in many ways. Please see our portfolio on our website. We have done work for Fortune 500 companies such as UPS, Merrill Lynch, and Yahoo. Chris has been working in the Internet Publishing Field for over 10 years. If you have any web, hosting internet marketing needs including design and marketing and blogging services, we can help you. Contact Chris at for more information.